tefka* plasma-tape and plasma patches

Plasma-Tape - Schutztape bei der Plasma-OberflächenbehandlungAt the plasma surface finishing the tefka* plasma-tape and the tefka plasma-patches are used, to protect areas of the surface.




Technical properties

tefka* plasma-tape consists of one elastomer with a glass fiber-fabric. an adhesives serves as a bonding layer, which can be removed completely with an effortless ease.


TEFKA plasma-tape

tefka* Plasma-Tape 20 20 mm x ca. 33m Art.-Nr. TPT900020
tefka* Plasma-Tape 30 30 mm x ca. 33m Art.-Nr. TPT900030
tefka* Plasma-Tape 40 40 mm x ca. 33m Art.-Nr. TPT900040
tefka* Plasma-Tape 50 50 mm x ca. 33m Art.-Nr. TPT900050
tefka* Plasma-Tape 100 100 mm x ca. 33m Art.-Nr. TPT900100


TEFKA plasma-patches

tefka* plasma-patches form and dimensions according to specification. width max. 1000 mm type: TPP70xxxx