tefka* friction tape

TEFKA FriktionsbandThe tefka*-friction tape is used as an alternative for roll coating, it increases the friction on the drive roll and allowing a better control of the belt. tefka* friction tape is easy to use, the drive roll does not have to be removed. Long downtimes as with a drive roller coating are eliminated.



Technical properties

tefka* friction tape ismade of one elastomer with a light surface. The surface is adhesive. The necessary stability receives thr friction tape from a fiberglass fabric. The adhesive layer, can be easily detached from the roll.

TEFKA friction-tape

Friction-Tape 15 15 mm x approx. 33m Type.-nb. TFK400015
Friction-Tape 20 20 mm x approx. 33m Type.-nb. TFK400020
Friction-Tape 30 30 mm x approx. 33m Type.-nb. TFK400030
Friction-Tape 100 100 mm x approx. 33m Type.-nb. TFK400100