tefka* heat sealing tapes

Schweißbänder, Schweißfolien, Heat sealer TapeTefka* heat sealing tapes are used as separating foil in welding machines and welding systems. They provide excellent protection for the welding wire or the welding bars. adhesives from plastics are prevented / reduced and the system is easy to clean. 

Field of application
angle sealing systems, angle sealing machine, heat seal systems, package sealing device, vacuum devices, package machines, film sealing unit

Operating conditions
- thermal field of application from about - 50°C up to 260°C
- high chemical resistance
- self-cleaning propertiesn
Schweißband endlos mit  Überlapp- reduction of energy demand at thermal applications

Welding foil roll
– as separating foil/welding foil
Welding foil adhesive – Unilaterally full-surface adhesive – coating for welding bars/heating stages
Unilaterally fixing tapeoperating temperature may differ
double-sided fixing tape- operating temperature may differ
endless splicing

Special confections available on request.