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tefka* open mesh conveyor belts

consist of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric. They are used in various industrial applications. High temperature resistance (short term up to 300°C, up to 260°C continuous operation), chemical resistance against a variety of acids and alkalis. Due to the low adhesion of PTFE surface, adhesions are reduced and cleaning of the belts are simplified.

Technical properties

- thermal field of application from about - 50°C up to 260°C - high chemical resistance - HF, IR, UV and microwave resistant - self-cleaning properties - high vapor permeability open mesh conveyor belts - excellent runnability

Field of application for open mesh conveyor belts

shrink driers, UHF facility, UV dryers, HF dryers, drying ovens, steaming systems, shrinking system, shrink tunnel, packaging systems and much more industrial applications.

tefka* open mesh

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Open mesh conveyor belts type AGG (black)

offenmaschige Gewebe der Ausführung AGG sind antistatisch
type / mesh size
AGG02 spez. / 2 mm
AGG02 / 2 mm
AGG04 / 4 mm
AGG05 / 5 mm
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Open mesh conveyor belts type GG (brown)

type / mesh size
GG-mikro / 0,2 mm
GG02 / 2 mm
GG03 (flatweaves) / 2 mm (color: white)
GG04 / 4 mm
GG05 / 5 mm
GG06 / 6 mm

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open mesh kevlar-fabric type KGG

type / mesh size
KGG02 spez. / 2 mm
KGG02 / 2 mm
KGG04 / 4 mm
KGG05 / 5 mm

Connections Edge reinforcement

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Edge reinforcement

Our standard edge reinforcement get sewed and welded to accomplish an optimal edging for our conveyor belts. The edges of the belts are optimally protected. Improved runnability und straight-ahead stability. You're also get edges with eyelets, rivets or nubs
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endless connections up to 4500 mm, no use of of clipper or alligators (no perforation of the fabrics) tefka* spiral 220C-metal-free (e.g. microwaves and high-frequency applications) tefka* spiral 300C-hightemp ( field of application up to 300 °C ) endless fingers